Musical Creations Entertainment are proud to have brought Disney’s musical Camp Rock on stage for its first production in Germany! Jacqueline Dunnley-Wendt and Hauke Wendt have been responsible for direction, choreography (with Marco Krämer acting as Associate Choreographer), translation and music direction. Disney Camp Rock in Hamburg was produced by Stage School Hamburg, with Renate Gritschke as production manager.

Disney theatrical have shown great faith in Stage School Hamburg, Germany’s oldest and largest school for performing arts, as well as the creative team around Jacqueline Dunnley-Wendt and Hauke Wendt, which is greatly appreciated by both the producers and the creative team. Jacqueline Dunnley-Wendt, Hauke Wendt and Renate Gritschke have all been working on various large productions for and by Disney.

The challenges of a graduation production

Disney Camp Rock has been the graduation production for the students graduating at Stage School Hamburg in the summer of 2013. This year, only those students who actually passed their exams, have been entitled to perform in the show. With the exams having taken place just before the scheduled start of rehearsals, castings and rehearsals were subject to a fairly ambitious schedule from the outset. Nevertheless, the creative team were really looking forward to this production: it is always a challenge for graduate showcases to get the balance right between showcasing the cast’s talents and keeping the show exciting for the audience. Also, the students are supposed to work under realistic professional circumstances on this project at the very end of their training. Disney Camp Rock provided a large degree of flexibility for the casting and a great night out for the audience; it surely required its cast to give their all!

Performances have taken place between 21 and 30 June, 2013 in K2 at Kampnagel in Hamburg. Further details on the production can be found at: