Back in 2007, five stars of the former hit production „BUDDY –  the Buddy Holly story“ (or “BUDDY – das Musical” as the show was called in German) in Hamburg met again, almost 6 years after the show had closed and made way for Disney’s THE LION KING, to play three shows only in the Theatre Royal in Hamburg to celebrate the good times they had together.

Singer Marko Formanek, guitarist Torben Widdermann, bass player Falko Burkert, pianist Stephan Sieveking and drummer Hauke Wendt had set themselves two simple rules for these shows: they would not only play Buddy’s songs as they did in the original show, but some closer to the original, others in the styles of different musicians, songs from different composers in the style of Buddy Holly, songs possibly inspired by Buddy Holly or even songs that Buddy Holly did not write but somehow could have. The other rule was that everybody’s microphones would remain hot in between songs.

Buddy Holly reloaded hit the Reeperbahn

These shows turned into a great success as the musicians instantly found a magical chemistry on stage which quickly extended to the audience. The evenings became celebrations of great music and an unexpected lot of stand-up comedy which prompted the theatre’s management to invite the boys to take on a regular spot in their larger venue, the Imperial Theatre, situated right on Hamburg’s famous Reeperbahn, The very neighbourhood where The Beatles had found their own success!

The boys happily accepted the offer and have been playing in their new home as Buddy Holly reloaded for over five years already, having earned their own  and growing following. Quickly, the band found themselves in high demand by other venues and promoters and have been playing  and entertaining audiences all over Germany.

Buddy Holly reloaded also made time to lock themselves into the studio in order to record songs like Peggy Sue, Oh Boy!, That’ll be the day, Everyday as well as their acclaimed interpretation of Falco’s “Amadeus” in the style of Buddy Holly! These recordings were subsequently released on CD by the newly established Musical Creations label.

For further information on Buddy Holly reloaded, please check out their website on Facebook, for general and booking information please contact Musical Creations Entertainment.

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