Eröffnung Studios und Probebühne

On monday, 22 October 2012, we have had the pleasure of opening our first development and rehearsal studios in Hamburg, Germany. Colleagues, friends and partners joined us for the launch and an introduction to the space and our plans for Musical Creations Entertainment.

Denise Orita and Jon Mortimer, who we would like to thank once again, set the scene beautifully for a lovely evening, during which many ideas were shared, projects discussed and many relaxed conversations had after we had proudly introduced our guests to our studios and facilities.

Representatives of the big shows in Hamburg, entertainment departments for the Hamburg-based cruise lines, performing art colleges, theatrical producers, theatre managers and creatives of various large and small productions made this evening a very special occasion for us.

The main stage is some 70 square metres large and gets a lot of daylight. Facilities include offices, kitchen and even a Green Box for TV recording and provide a great working environment for theatre creatives.

Musical Creations Entertainment will use these development and rehearsal studios for the development of our own productions as well as invite fellow creatives to work together with us in this creative atmosphere. Also, we made the deliberate decision to open our doors and invite creatives, producers and ensembles to use our studios for their own creative projects.

“The first projects we conceived in our studios had a unique and positive energy”, says Jacqui Wendt, Artistic Director for Musical Creations Entertainment GmbH, “we are excited to see that many creative processes will take place here and successful productions will have their roots in these very studios.”

Many thanks once again to our guests who made this evening very special for us and we are looking forward to seeing everyone who could not make it to us yet, in our development and rehearsal studios, soon.

We are wishing a lot of fun, success and creative energy to everyone using our development and rehearsal studios in Hamburg, Germany!

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