Jacqui Dunnley-Wendt has been working in the world of musical theatre for many years. Following her successful career as a dancer and performer, she has become a leading director and choreographer. During her career which has led her from London's West End to Vienna, through all of Germany and out to South Korea, South Africa and South America, she has worked with many of the industry's leading names, including Gillian Lynne, Rob Roth, Matt West, Anthony Van Laast and Susan Stroman. As associate director and associate choreographer, Jacqueline has been artisticly responsible for various international stagings of the original Broadway production of Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.


15 Tipps für erfolgreiche Auditions

Auditions….für Einige ein leidiges Thema…. Wenn Du diesen Anruf mit der Einladung zu den Auditions für Deine Lieblingsshow bekommst, sind die Nerven oftmals eigentlich schon belastet genug…. Dein Termin: 10 Uhr morgens (autsch – zu früh!) oder 18 Uhr (schon wieder autsch!)…kann auch 19 Uhr werden, wenn es wieder Verspätungen gibt…oder vielleicht mitten am Tag…gibt…